Bill Spence is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Queen Mary, University of London*

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Everything is Now - Revolutionary ideas from string theory

Taylor and Francis/CRC Press

"This unusual book provides a concise description of some of the most exciting developments in theories of fundamental particles and their forces that have emerged from the study of string theory. The underlying ideas involve a mix of subtle physical insights and sophisticated mathematics, which are difficult to convey to a non- specialist audience, However, in eleven short chapters Bill Spence manages to describe the essence of the subject with great clarity." Professor Michael B Green FRS, inventor of superstring theory.

"This engaging and beautifully written book gives an authoritative but accessible account of some of the most exciting and unexpected recent developments in theoretical physics." Professor Lionel J Mason, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.

"String theory is often paraded as a theory of everything, but there are a large number of untold stories in which string theory gives us insight into other areas of physics. Here, Bill Spence does an excellent job of explaining the deep connections between string theory, particle physics, and the novel way of viewing space and time." Professor David Tong, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge.





String theory and our conceptions of reality, Culturico, 22nd March 2021.


Climate emergency, higher education 

The Universities Superannuation Scheme’s Response to the Climate Emergency, Report written for DivestUSS, October 2022, 30pp.

Elite universities are falling short on their green promises, Times Higher Education, 19th April 2021 (register for free access). Text and links also available here.

UK universities’ dangerous reliance on China is being driven by marketisation, OpenDemocracy, 23rd October 2020.

Why is the UK's largest pension scheme still investing in fossil fuels article in Times Higher Education, 10th June 2020 (register for free access). Text and links also available here.

Plea to university fund to act on fossil fuels, letter to the Financial Times, 3rd June 2020.

 The Australian government is burning our children's future, Al-Jazeera, 14th February 2020.



Physics and the frontiers of machine learning,  2nd July 2021, with David Berman.

Time is an illusion, with Lee Smolin and Julian Barbour.

The quest for a theory of everything, Guardian Science Weekly, with Carlo Rovelli and Silke Weinfurtner.



Causation, National Geographic Festival of Science, Rome, 2018.


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